BiomeSense is revolutionizing human microbiome discovery, the next frontier of precision medicine.
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BiomeSense is dramatically improving our ability to understand and leverage the human microbiome.
Much like genetic research, understanding our microbiome and its more than 100 trillion microbes is essential for continuing to improve human health, development, and immunity. However, while interest in the microbiome is increasing, it has remained largely unexplored due to ineffective technology and high costs of data generation that prevent generation of the large, robust datasets required for scientific discovery.
Led by a group of microbiome visionaries, BiomeSense is changing that. Our integrated solution scales every step of microbiome data generation, starting with gathering dense data and ends with sophisticated bioinformatics that provide insightful analysis—all at an affordable cost. In short, we’re providing the tools required to unlock the microbiome as the next frontier of precision medicine.
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COmpetitor analysis
COmpetitor analysis
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The human microbiome’s potential to improve health and fight disease worldwide is enormous. But first it must be understood. BiomeSense’s pioneering GutLabTM automated laboratory system and MetaBiomeTM bioinformatics platform have been intricately designed to standardize and scale microbiome data to unprecedented levels. Such scale and standardization allow findings to be compared across trials and scientific disciplines, leading to more exciting insights.
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The next frontier of precision medicine
The human microbiome’s potential to improve health and fight disease worldwide is enormous. There are 10x the number of microbial cells in the human gut than in the whole human body, totaling roughly 100 trillion microbes, representing as many as 5,000 different species. And just like our genes, our gut microbiome is essential for human development, immunity, and nutrition.
As we continue to analyze and discover more about the gut microbiome, there will be tremendous implications from a clinical standpoint on our ability to fight infection, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even change our mood.
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End-to-end solution for large-scale, time-series gut microbiome data
BiomeSense is building end to end technologies to massively scale microbiome data collection and analysis during clinical research, maximizing value, efficiency, and discovery for the scientific community.
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Collaborating with the world’s best to discover, develop, and deliver. Clinical partners are intrinsic to BiomeSense’s vision of advancing microbiome science. We are collaborating with the world’s best researchers, academic and industry, to deliver the high-quality, standardized microbiome data and analysis needed to turbocharge discovery.
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