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BiomeSense is transforming our ability to understand and leverage the human microbiome for better health.
Much like our genes, our microbiome and its more than 100 trillion microbes is essential to human health, development, and immunity, making it the next frontier of precision medicine.

However, our ability to access this potential is limited by ineffective technology and the lack of large, robust databases required to create and deploy precision therapeutics.
Led by a group of microbiome visionaries, BiomeSense is changing that. Our integrated solution transforms the entire microbiome ecosystem, starting with continuous data generation & analysis and ending with the first large, standardized microbiome database - providing the tools to power the entire microbiome field.
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COmpetitor analysis
COmpetitor analysis
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Continuous microbiome
BiomeSense’s pioneering GutLabTM automated laboratory system and MetaBiomeTM bioinformatics platform are the first-ever solution to provide continuous, at-home tracking & analysis of the microbiome.
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The next frontier of precision medicine
The human microbiome’s potential to improve health and fight disease worldwide is enormous. There are 10x the number of microbial cells in the human gut than in the whole human body, totaling roughly 100 trillion microbes, representing as many as 5,000 different species. And just like our genes, our gut microbiome is essential for human development, immunity, and nutrition.
As we continue to analyze and discover more about the gut microbiome, there will be tremendous implications from a clinical standpoint on our ability to fight infection, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even change our mood.
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